Panda's Paradise Farm
Myotonic  "Fainting" Goats  and  More

From beautiful sweet kids to an array of cheeses, soaps and lotion

Our farm

Panda's Paradise Farm was established in 2015, located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, our farm is tucked away and you would never know it resides in the middle of a resort area.  Nestled away in the Kitty Hawk Woods Reserve Maritime Forest, our farm thrives in a peaceful location.  After owning several different breeds of goats, we fell in love with the Myotonic fainting goat.  Although they do not faint, their skeletal muscles contract when excited or afraid, and loose their balance and will sometimes fall over into a "faint" but they are fully conscious and regain their mobility within seconds.  As they get older, adults can usually control their balance and not fully fall over but stiffen with stiff legs as they walk.  This breed is beyond our expectations, they are extremely sweet, loving and very docile with a laid back disposition.  They also have a high disease resistance, and are excellent mothers.  Myotonic goats are considered meat goats, however, some are milked at our farm and the milk is used for making all types of cheeses, yogurt, soaps and lotion.  

Our Goats

Herd Queen Panda

Panda is our matriarch and mascot of our farm.


Twins of Panda's Paradise Farm Heart, who is the first fainter born on our farm from Panda are Faith and Peace

2023 kid

Panda's Paradise Farm Snowball is a triplet of Halo's and all three girls went to their forever home together this 2023!

Our Goats and Kids

Panda's Paradise Farm showcasing Pahl's Farm Halo, Panda's Paradise Farm Maggie Mae, Panda's Paradise Farm Angel and Panda's Paradise Farm Gracie all born on our farm and forever loved

Goats love salted peanuts in the shell!! They are spoiled but only get a couple a piece.  These girls have produced some amazing sweet kids for our farm!

Triplet Bambi

Panda's Paradise Farm Bambi was a 2023 triplet of Halo's that went to her forever home with her sisters in VA.


Halo's triplets from 2020, they all went to their forever home together!

Our farm


Panda's Paradise Farm Panda was our first fainting goat on our farm.  We bottle raised her and fell in love with the breed, which made us decide to breed fainters.

Panda's Paradise Farm Bodie

Bodie is our home grown herd sire that has produced an abundance of wonderful sweet kids!  Bodie is named after a local lighthouse within our area on the Outer Banks.

Panda's Paradise Wave

Wave is an offspring of our first herd sire Solis Occasus Villa Rocky Top.  Wave went to his new home as a wether (not intact).

Our Products

Baby Lamb

My favorite 3D soap is the baby lamb...who can use this!!?? (8.00)

Large Bath Bar

Our popular large bath bar with a baby goat and butterfly (9.00).  This particular bar is Honeysuckle.

Regular Size Bar

Moma and baby goat is a favorite!  This particular bar is Honeysuckle.

Our Products

Square Bars

Square bars Honeysuckle and Lemongrass (5.00)

Bee Bar

Bee bar honeysuckle (5.00)

Sea Turtle Bar

Sea turtle bar honeysuckle (5.00)

Our Products

Christmas Gift Basket

Christmas gift baskets are made to order.  There are many sizes of wicker and plastic baskets available.  Price based on products picked for baskets, this particular basket is 23.00 (large bar, regular bar, bottle of goat milk lotion and bath bomb)

Gift Baskets

Metal gift basket (without goat) includes 2 regular bars (honeysuckle or lemongrass), bottle goat milk lotion, lip balm (23.00).  All baskets, (plastic, wicker or metal) can be made to order.

Goat Milk Lotion

Goat milk lotion almond biscotti scent (8.00)

Our Cheese Products

Panda's Spicy Pimento Spread

Very popular cheese spread made with our handmade chevre (7.00) local pick up only


Very popular brie triple-creme made with our goats milk and cows heavy cream (10.00 per quarter or 38.00 for whole wheel) local pick up only

Bloomy Blue Brie

Decadent bloomy blue brie is the creamiest blue brie, which is our number one favorite and best seller (10.00 per quarter 40.00 whole wheel) local pick up only

More Cheese Products


Smooth creamy che`vre is made with our homemade cultured buttermilk from our goats milk (5.00).  Herbs when available can be added to your order, tarragon, basil, lavendar.  Purple Halo (pictured) is made with lavendar and fennel pollen (7.00).  local pick up only

Cabecou "little goat" marinated che`vre

Cabecou is Italian word for "little goat" this is a lovely marinated chevre/feta type cheese that is marinated in extra virgin olive oil, herbs de Provence, mixed pepper corns and bay leaf.  Once the cheese is used, the marinade is great for dipping bread or grilling (10.00 per jar) local pick up only


Canestrato is an Italian Romano cheese, which is a hard cheese that is pressed into a traditional basket to get this beautiful design (NFS)

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